about marinos

Marinos is about Web development, internet research and online services.

Wether you are interested in building an online platform, a killer app or just a websites, Marinos does it.
If you just want to have some domain names, some hosting, server setup, you name it, Marinos does it.
If you want to dig deeper, understand the Web, its historican significance, or how it can (or cannot) be used as a tool voor empowerment and activism, Marinos.

Marinos works with Laravel for Web projects and APIs, Ionic for mobile apps. To manage all this goodness Marinos uses Digitalocean, Openprovider, Google services and Cloudflare.

Marinos mostly utilizes the power of PHP, Javascript, SQL and some shell scripting.

Marinos can rely on a lifelong passion for all things digital, and early Web adaptor and an abundance of academic and professional experience.